Supertraderalmanac by Frank Taucher

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  1. wimdhnt


    Some of you may know Frank Anthony Taucher who is the author of the yearly published Supertraderalmanac and other resources for traders like a chartservice etc.

    I've been trying to reach this service but I can't find the right website or url. It used to be but this is a completely different site now which can only mean Fr. Taucher stopped using this name and url and put the url for sale ??

    Does anyone know if Frank Taucher is still in business and if the yearly publications are still continued and where I can find it ?

    Thanks for your support !!!

    Wim , Belgium
  2. haybridge


    It appears that Mr Taucher died last year, June 2009.
  3. wimdhnt


    Thank you for the information Haybridge.


    I'm sorry to say that I was with Frank Anthony Taucher
    June 12, 2009 when he passed away. His passing was
    completely unexpected.

    Not long after his passing his website was dismantled.
  5. Tht joker stole the name and idea from the traders almanac hirst people. He was sued out of existence.
    Good riddance!
  6. JTaucher


    My father's work is in hibernation at the moment. It will be brought out at some point, but to what extent still has yet to be seen.

    Dalmation, we couldn't help but laugh at everything that was wrong with your post (and the misspelling of your name), so thanks for the laugh.