Superstition, Luck and Voodo, the Sequel

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    Well, it's been a while since the original thread was shut down due to circumstances beyond our comprehension.

    It was a fine old thread and enjoyed a long and prosperous existence. But alas, like all things that take on a life of their own, it had to expire like an OTM option. Well perhaps that's a bit harsh, because that implies it went out worthless. Which it most certainly did not. Just a bit perverted.

    So by special request from an anonymous (for now) fellow ET Brother, I will attempt to revive a subject that last time around got so far off track that grown men were weeping and women and children had to be sheltered from the storm that ensued.

    What was intended to be a lighthearted discussion about the silly little things we do as traders to keep our "mojo" (so to speak) intact, quickly and very thoroughly became not just a debate, but practically a holy war about religion and philosophy and even astrophysics if I recall. And then, finally, in it's death rattle, an homage to the female form. Which seemed to somehow convince the moderators that the time had come to raise the dreaded "THREAD CLOSED" flag.

    So this time, let's see what develops. We have since acquired a substantial number of new "usual suspects" to make their contributions (welcome back Aphie). And of course, there will be the ever vigilant un-named and unindicted coconspirators from the last barrage of nonsense and vehemence that collectively brought "Superstition, Luck and Voodo" to life, and then ultimately to death.

    Now, having so eloquently introduced this coming apocalypse of a thread, let me begin by thanking in advance all those who will contribute to and ultimately destroy this "Sequel".


    OK, as we say down here in the Everglades, as well as on Broadway: "ON WITH THE SHOW!"

  2. rs7


    I will start by repeating what I said the first time around. I don't believe in superstition. I think it's bad luck to believe in it.

    However, I will admit to my little unexplainable peccadilloes.

    There is, where I work, a particular elevator that if I take it up in the morning, well, I am cooked before the opening bell even tolls for me. And I have found more than a few articles of clothing that seem to adequately cover my body, but not while I am trading. Coincidence? Guess it must be, because to believe anything else would be irrational. Correct?

    I think it was Publias (aka: every name in the book) that said if he looked at the clock and it happened to be 11:11, it meant bad luck for him.

    What are some other instances of believing in "luck" good or bad that you guys (and Cathy and the other not so numerous female ET members) have? Is it true, for instance, that if Candletrader doesn't start a poll at least once a week, it will cause him to have a cold streak? (Is it true there are less female ET contributors because women are smarter than men?) If Optional777 doesn't perform an act of God (a self inflicted act, according to WDGann) does this change his "luck"? (Can God have luck?). If MrSubliminal doesn't make me laugh will he go on a losing streak? If Aphie changes or doesn't change his underwear regularly, does it affect his p&l? How 'bout Don B.'s beard? Hasn't shaved it off since 1969??....gotta mean something! Or is it just that he's covering up a face that is so irresistible that his wife makes him wear it like a burka to keep the other women away? Perhaps some meaningful mysteries will be solved along the way here. Oh, the limitless possibilities:confused:

    And GordonGekko. Is there anything that he can dance to to get his grub stake up to the necessary million or so he deserves?

    OK, I have my "elevator" shtick. What do you guys have? (The crowd clamors to know what FasterPussyCat thinks is good and bad mojo).


    WAIT!! Since last week, I realized, thanks to Candle, that it was bad (you know what) not to use either the term "Brethren" or "Brother" in a post. So scratch the above, and let me restate it as:

    Peace, My Brethren, (and Sistren? Is that a word? Help me out here candle!!! What's the official ruling dude?)

  3. i wonder if this thread will flop like most other sequels?

    (geez rs (what does that stand for anyway?), you remind me of one of those washed out singers still touring 40 years after they were a hit, trying to relive their heyday :))
  4. rs7


    What does what stand for?

    And "washed out singers touring 40 years after"? Like the Rolling Stones? They washed out? They sure sell out. At a couple hundred bucks a ticket. Not bad. Hope I have that kind of staying power when my 40 comes around (not close yet pal).

    You sound a little cranky tonight Dan...rough evening? You go to a movie with the expectation of sex and came up dry? What's wrong my brother?

    As far as the thread "flopping" I have no idea. It was requested of me to do. So I honored the request. Fact is, the first time round, it got twisted off the subject on the very first page (i think..maybe the second). Where you around for that?

    Anyway, the main reason I complied with the request was I felt it interesting...the subject matter is really something we see exhibited all the time (no idea about trade-from-home guys)....but where I trade, in an office full of traders, you get to see some pretty weird stuff. The order in which light switches are turned off and on. Seating arrangements. Lucky pens, unlucky memos, whatever... overall a very superstitious group of individuals. More so than average I would think. So let's see, 'cause we never did the last time. Last time it got into being a religious rant and the associated arguments. If you were here, maybe you remember. If not, the thread still exists. Just get it with the search function.

    Peace, Brother Dan,
  5. Brother rs7,

    Not consciously true, but very possibly subconsciously true...

    With loving regards,
  6. rs7


    Well thanks for clearing that up (to some degree). Now how 'bout addressing the "Sister" and "Sistren":confused: issue??

    Peace unto you, my brother Candle,

  7. Brother rs7,

    As I alluded to in the pertinent poll contained within the Chit Chat section:
    "...a mandatory requirement that everyone preface the name of those whom they are addressing by the word Brother or Brethren (on the understanding that Brother and Brethen is taken to encompass the female Brethren here too)..."

    I hope this clears up your brotherly concerns...

    With fraternal feelings of warmth for you, my Brother...
  8. rs7


    Brother Candle,

    My bad! I should have been more diligent in my pursuit of knowledge and actually re-read your post rather than depend on my feeble memory, which had once again failed me miserably.

    (shows what can happen when you post after no sleep at absurd hours of the morning).

    Peace, my Brother,
  9. And to you too, my kindred spirit, my Brother and my friend...
  10. Trane


    I have been playing the same exact song to start off each session for the last 3 1/2 years (w/out missing 1 session)...

    Do you think this sort of compulsive type behavior constitutes "Superstition"? Personally I have my own theory on why I do this, but would like to hear others opinions...

    Flamenco Sketches...
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