Superstition, Luck and Vodoo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rs7, Jun 19, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    Obvously a result of some heavy vodoo and such. Had my lucky socks on and got long about 2:20pm:)
    #751     Jul 15, 2002

  2. less than 20 minutes from the low, not bad cap'n

    i been chillin' like dylan waitin for some normalcy to return...ah likes a bit mo' civility wit mah volatility...
    #752     Jul 15, 2002
  3. PubliasEnigma

    PubliasEnigma Guest

    You have been missing out my friend. You want normalcy get a
    9-5 data input position! :p

    #753     Jul 15, 2002
  4. rs7


    Yeah, well the truth is, I was at the court house waiting for an hour to pay $14 for a late fee on a ticket my son got for an expired reg. on my car. He got into the Nuclear program for the Navy, and it was holding up his "top secret clearance" if you can believe that (and I swear, it's the truth). So I missed the rally.
    #754     Jul 15, 2002

  5. you guys can party the 20% of the time when the market is nuts. i'll party the other 80% when its biz as usual :D
    #755     Jul 16, 2002

  6. my best friend from high school was in the nuclear program for the navy.

    saw the world from a submarine.

    small world, small world indeed
    #756     Jul 16, 2002
  7. rs7


    Hey Dark...remember the other night I said he wouldn't be getting any scholarships? Well he qualified for this, which is even better! MY dream come true!!!!
    #757     Jul 16, 2002

  8. sweeet...thats like hittin' the jackpot, money saved as good as money pays decent too and no place to spend it on a boat, u can start hittin' your son up for money 'fore long
    #758     Jul 16, 2002
  9. rs7


    No boat for him....he will live in a dorm and go to classes for about 5 years in Charleston SC.
    But yeah, no cost to me...and they pay him! MAJOR JACKPOT!!!
    #759     Jul 16, 2002
  10. stu


    Great stuff Kymar..... of course that's really what I was saying all along ! ! :) :)
    #760     Jul 16, 2002
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