Superstition, Luck and Vodoo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rs7, Jun 19, 2002.

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  1. Well... I stepped out for a few hours and things seemed to get a little off the beaten path. My reality is what I make of it. No more no less. Y'all have your own realities. The key is to, like a ballplayer, play with your own reality or ability. The reality of the matter is I have bills to pay, food to buy and a deep inside need to compete and win. Superstition, if it helps me live within my reality, is ok. Religion if it helps is ok. Whatever it takes to get through your reality, your life, as long as it doesn't unnecessarily impose on someone else's reality is ok.
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  2. rs7


    Sad but true. Modern science could not save my wife from cancer at a very young age.
    Trading can't be predicted with I mentioned in another post, if it could, I am sure my firm would replace me with a computer. My success comes from the gut...a scientifically unexplainable phenomenon.
    Landing on the attempt at humor....something else that cannot be "explained"..
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  3. stu


    still mixing up issues ..
    Science develops. What is perceived to be true must be tested. True science must prove itself with all the facts it has at the time. Then move on again from there always searching for the difinitive answer. Just like traders.
    Religion doesnt superstition doesnt. Both those assume they have the answers. Space shuttles launch because of science, cancer will only be cured if science finds out how, not superstition. It's never perfect often wrong but always holds the ability to test wherever it possibly can.I just dont see how because a computer can't trade as well as you can rs7 that makes it wrong. Lots of things people do are not explained in science or religion but it doesnt mean either are wrong. At least science is the only method which can stand a chance of being definitive. In the mean time let's be superstitious.... I dont think so
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  4. stu


    I hope I am not imposing on folks here these are only my points of view, I only intend them to be for discussion. No offence intended to anyone
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  5. rs7


    You are right about mixing issues.....
    I don't see anywhere where I claimed science, religion, superstition, anything was WRONG....If you go back a bit in this thread, the only thing I felt was WRONG was using BLAME disguised as superstition to explain away the misfortunes that some people cannot seem to incur without an excuse. And doing it in a way that hurt others.
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  6. lundy


    science and religion are intertwined. It's actually a very interesting point u bring up stu.

    science is the search for the truth. religion is the presumption that we have truth.

    the reason we try to seperate science and religion is because we don't actually think it's possible to know the truth by ourselves (ie something we can prove). And u know what? it's not. Cause it's not possible to see the back of your head or control things like metabolism.

    Truth can only be discovered by taking a leap of faith.... and enter into the realm of religion.

    science will never ultimately cure cancer. Cancer is just a form of death, and death cannot be cured. Death can adapt.

    take staph for example.... back in the 60's and 70's modern science created about 20 antibiotics and said they were the solution to disease. It's the year 2002 and each one of those antibiotics has been used and crossed off the list as the diseases adapt, change, and mutate to over come them. Now we have super disease. There is no cure for certain strains of staph. There will never be a permanent cure, science can only create temporary solutions.

    Therefore, death falls into the realm of religion and supernatural. So does life. So does everythingelse. It's a deep subject, and it isn't helping me with my trade decisions at the moment, so i'll leave it at that.
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  7. stu


    I didnt say you did say that rs7......
    I said , " I just dont see how because a computer can't trade as well as you can rs7 that makes it wrong."
    That was my statement, just a point of view

    You said ...Trading can't be predicted with science...
    Now that is a stement of fact
    How do you know that's is or will always be so.
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  8. rs7


    I don't know....I just hope. I hate to think I can become obsolete at my tender age:(
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  9. stu


    I so agree with you, but your'e stopping at the here and now. What science did with antibiotics was amazing at the time and saved millions of lives and they still do today. Scientist didnt know that bugs would mutate to combat some of them , but they dont stop doing antibiotics because of that, they search for new ways. Religion,superstition won't do it.
    How do you know there won't be a medical solution to death. How does anyone know there won't develop an automatic trading system which will make markets extinct. Dafter things have come true because of science. Wonderful things have happened because of religion ( but mostly bad imo) but out of all things the only way to hope to find out these things will be through science.
    I mean science applied with integrity, always testing always seeking to prove and not just hold an opinion
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  10. lundy


    computers will never replace humans in the market.

    perhaps in the execution of trades... but not in the decision making.

    it takes a human to create a computer. A computer is just an advanced tool, the "Matrix" will never come about.
    #60     Jun 20, 2002
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