Superstition anybody?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by StoneRoses, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. Heard Wade Boggs ate chicken before every game, and maybe didn't once and struck out to dave righetti. Some pitchers hop over the first base line after a good inning. Some gnaw on a piece of fingernail throughout a game.
  2. AllenZ


    I played baseball throughout school and even in a semipro league and always had superstitions. I have carried a lot of things from the sports world into trading, discipline, patience, killer instinct, strategy, and yes, superstitions.

    I setup my screens the same everyday.
    I use the same pen everyday for notes. ( even yelled at my wife the other day as she was in the office and must have moved the pen, and I could not find it!!!! )

    Anyway not sure if they are superstitions or just my routine.

  3. Haha,

    It is all in the mind....
  4. bronks


    Ahhh yes... but it the underlying physical routine which signals the brain that it is time to focus for what ever endeavor pursued, trading or other. Sort of like "warming up" for the head.
  5. I knew a trader in the Euro pit at the CME. Wore the same tie every single day and, from the minute he walked into the building, took the exact same route to the pit. He was freaked out for months after they decided to move the pit to another floor.