SUPERSOES in action

Discussion in 'Trading' started by guidodf, Jul 10, 2001.

  1. guidodf


    Yesterday the SUPERSOES pilot went finally live.
    Did anyone follow any of the stocks that are part of it?
    I didn't (but today I'll have NEWP in my sights), but, with this thread, I wanted to stimulate discussion/sharing of insights into the new system.

    TIA to all posters

  2. hsanson


    What is SUPERSOES, how can I get more information about it ? ? Is it the same as Supermontage ? ?

  3. Kind of surprising that 3 days into SS and only two posts to this thread??!!

    I have been watching NEWP and am amazed at the L2 movement at times. Interesting to watch MM's not showing 1000 shares actually disappear and see their volume print...ONCE....on the T/S. I am anxious to see a more liquid/active stock trade under SS though.
  4. MGB


    Here's the full list of SuperSOES pilot stocks.

    AGIL Agile Software Corporation
    ALLY Alliance Gaming Corporation
    BEXP Brigham Exploration Company
    BIGT Pinnacle Holdings, Inc.
    CDWC CDW Computer Centers, Inc.
    CERS Cerus Corporation
    CSCO Cisco
    GNLB Genelabs Technologies, Inc.
    INTL Intel
    LAKE Lakeland Industries, Inc.
    LQID Liquid Audio, Inc.
    MEOH Methanex Corporation
    NEWP Newport Corporation
    OCFC OceanFirst Financial Corp.
    PHFC Pittsburgh Financial Corporation
    PRGS Progress Software Corporation
    UNBJ United National Bancorp
    VAIL Vail Banks, Inc.
    VRTL Vertel Corporation
    ZEUS Olympic Steel, Inc.
    ACTP ActionPoint Inc
    AETH Aether Systems, Inc
    ALAB Alabama National BanCorporation
    ALSK Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.
    ANCC AirNet Communications Corporation
    ANDB Andover Bancorp, Inc.
    ASFI Asta Funding, Inc.
    ATPG ATP Oil & Gas Corporation
    BCICF Bell Canada International, Inc.
    BKNG Banknorth Group, Inc.
    BMET Biomet, Inc.
    CCMP Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

  5. trinfo


    Your list is missing a bunch added at the 2nd phase - e.g. NVDA (INTC & CSCO addition tomorrow being phase 2.5ish, before everything switches at the EOM)., the only definitive resource. :)
  6. Zed


    Since the implementation of supersoes this market has become more difficult to scalp trade. Has anybody else noticed the difference? I would be interested in any comments.
  7. Aranha


    Zed, I've noticed that too.

    I wonder is this is because of the markets volume and liquidity ( see that It has definetely decreased in most of stocks: msft, intc, csco..etc)....or could be because of the implementation of SuperSOES.

    I hope when the market reaches it's bottom, the volume/liquidity should rise.

    by the way, since you're a scalper, what firm do you trade with and what is your commission? Also, how many trades do you usually perform? if you don't mind.....

    Luck in your trades

    Raphael Aranha
  8. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    I believe that the advent of supersoes makes the market more efficient, due to faster executions, and thus decreases the opportunities for scalping. Furthermore, with faster executions and firm market maker prices, it now becomes easier to attempt to scalp. Paradoxically, with this ease comes greater competition which in turn makes scalping overall much harder.
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