SuperMontage vs. Instinet

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by LuvDaMkts, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. It says on that INCA's volume dropped a lot in November. I'm wondering if that's because more traders are using SuperMontage now. Which do people find themselves using more these days, Instinet/Island or SuperMontage (via an ECN like TRAC or ARCA)?
  2. Was visiting NYC Times Square this weekend, looks like they are now also competing for coolest video wall. I thought Nasdaq's video wall was cool, until I saw Instinet's - across the street - AWESOME!
  3. GHansen


    If SuperMontage ever gets post trade anonymity and pegging, INCA and ARCA may suffer.
  4. kelly74


    Anyone use INCA for listed trading? If so, do you find it's easier or harder to get filled versus using ISLD or ARCA. Apparently INCA is the ECN with the highest listed volume but I see a lot more ARCA and ISLD bids/offers out there.