Supermontage starts on Monday

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  2. Can't wait..

    Actually, as much as I would like to go back to the 'old days', I think it's a safe bet that after spending 107 million on this supposed revolutionary platform NASDAQ won't be going back to the 'old days' any time soon. I guess we know why hitting SOES is so expensive any more.

    I just hope this doesn't make trading more expensive once again.

    So my fellow traders... embrace change, as we run head long into the future! Who knows, it might even create new opportunities.

  3. Which ECN's are participating in Supermontage ?????
  4. I don't think you will see any participation from ecn's.

    The idea was to get rid of the ecn's.
  5. ISLD will be in SM...
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    Can anyone please give an address to the site where the purpose and all the features of the supernontage explained in detail.

    Thank you.
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  8. Wait a minute....this is cut and pasted from the above article......

    "Last week, Island Chief Executive Officer Matt Andresen left the ECN to take a position as head of global trading at Sanford C. Bernstein, a securities firm. Andresen had been scheduled to assume the post of chief operating officer of Instinet's ECN unit, following the Sept. 20 completion of the Island/Instinet merger. Instead, he accepted a position with the securities firm, saying that he could not overlook a better career opportunity. "

    Andresen was one of the founders of the ISLD ECN.....I have to think that even with the crash of the bubble he did alright in that deal. Does he really need to worry about "career opportunities"? Weird.
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    Pretty much all ECNs except for ISLD and INCA are participating in SM. ISLD will be quoting as a UTP participant through the Cincinatti Stock Exchange (CINN) and INCA is quoting through Nasdaq's ADF. Market participants quotes which are quoting on ADF (so far only INCA) are aggregated and displayed as ADFN on the NQDS (L2) feed.
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