SuperModel: 'I won't get out of bed for US Dollars'

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  1. Reminds me of my wife*!

    * 20 years and 100 pounds ago.
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    Actually the story was trading related as she could take the uncertainty out of her future USD contract income by buying EUR futures on the CME..
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    even better, she could short USD contracts at the BMF exchange in Sao Paulo. that would protect against changes in the brazilian real, she and her sister are too stupid to realize that though and that must have cost millions
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    Oh I thought so, I mean it has undeniable "ass-ets".
    Trading related? At best I thought that was a stretch. And even if the story is, the pic isn't. Sorry.
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    Is this one of those stories that comes out when the dollar is done going down? Or at least at a relative low?
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    Maybe think of it this way............the chick has some brains also. She apparently knows the USA dollar is going down as well as the oilmen over in the big sandboxes wanting more USA dollars (read EUROS) for their oil.

    Hardly think the comment about a story like this as the bottom of such a macro event as the dollar going into the shitter.

    Think of the events that make a mkt from the other angle. Why must it always go up and never come down? Is that a major flaw of stock traders? How come all is always great when stocks are going up and not when an event comes around and changes the picture? What event are you talking about hog? Well let me answer that question with this little tidbit>

    Is it, was it, ok for crooks like Mozilla and all these paper pushers to scam new home owners with mortgages that once signed was laughable once the couple etc left the building, refi's etc in the name of a bull mkt? Has the fall from grace of these big crooks been good or bad? If anyone says it has been bad then they need to reevaluate their values toward others. Sooner or later the roof falls in and when scam artists like Mozilla cash in some stocks and never apologize for screwing tons of prospective homeowners it is a sad day. Maybe this chick is smarter than 90% of average traders to see what is over the horizon.
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    shes got no tits
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