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  1. I was in the Bel-Air grocery store today(Parent company is Raleys which employs 13,500 people) and I heard the checkers talking about their hours and how they were getting cut. I asked them about it and it seems that the grocery store is cutting hours while hiring more employees. The two checkers I talked to were getting 24-30 hours per week, but it seems the store is constantly cutting hours, while hiring more people.

    I cant imagine they are the only chain that is doing this. They get unemployment to go lower, while cutting everyones hours. If you have 15% unemployment,just cut everyones hours by 15% and give those hours to new employees that didnt have jobs before. I bet that makes a ton of sense to the democrats though.

    Then unemployment will be 0% and nobody is going to understand why people do not have money to buy anything.

    Its very tricky...its like we are having high inflation, without the prices actually going up so nobody really notices. If everyone makes less money(because of hours cut) and prices stay the same, its the same as if everyone makes the same money and prices just went up 15 or 20%
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    Yea this is happening all over. The unions get good benefits, this way the workers are no longer full time, get no benefits. I talked to someone about it and they told me, the unions are still taking their fees out of their checks, even though they now get jack. Part time is the new full time.
  3. I was reading the comments section on a message board a few months back and someone made this exact same comment. He said he was in the deli at his local supermarket and the guy behind the counter was freaking out because his assistant was taking far too long to complete the order. The customer asked what the problem was and that he wasn't in a rush at which point the employee answered that he was "on the clock" and that every order should be completed in a specific amount of time. They were all being timed and if an employee went over the limit enough times, his hours would be docked.

    He also said that management would remind them daily of how many applicants they had for their job and that hours were constantly being cut, employees rotating in and out of the jobs. The customer also noted in the comments section that 5 years ago he'd see the same employees but nowadays he didn't recognize any of the faces if he took a month off from the location.

    So yeah I'd say that's a pretty widespread practice.
  4. Yeah, I hate those damn democrats too. So good point about whatever it was you were saying.
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    There's an even worse scenario. Your boss pays you a salary regardless of your hours and demands you work 70 hour weeks after laying off 25% of the workforce. You can't say no because you then become part of the 25% :eek:

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