Superiority of Westminster system of government

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  1. Changing of the guard in UK is a far more polished process than in the US. Outgoing prime minister gives a speech, goes to visit the queen, resigns, prime minister-to-be goes to the queen and accepts the post.

    No stupid parade, million dollar inaugurations, 10 balls and other garbage.
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    Anytime there is a queen, or some other wana be fairy tale, but really just inbred people, the system can not be superior. Matter of fact, it's a sad joke.
  3. The queen is simply a byproduct of respect for their historical roots. Everybody knows she is a ceremonial queen. Presidential system in the US is incredibly defective I would rather have a prime minister.
  4. Functionally there really isn't much difference...

  5. You will notice that throughout the world, system of government or prevalent political philosophy isn't really the top determinant of societal output and productivity or standard of living...