Superior trader, a born talent or can be taught?

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    I don't know. But I have some doubt that it can be taught.

    It has been discussed long time ago on this subject between William Eckhardt and Richard Dennis. And many had agreed that Richard Dennis was right supporting an argument that successful trading can be taught over an argument that it has something to do with trader born talent. However, I have some doubt, if it can be taught it mean anybody with an average intelligence can be successful after getting a good training. The following reasons:

    1. To form a Turtles group, why need the interviews to select candidates since any one can be taught then just pick by random.
    2. Why not all the Turtles are successful since they got the same training and used the same winning system.

    Would like to here your opinion?
  2. Personally, like many modern theories of psychology, I think it's a bit of both nurture(can be learned) and nature(born with it).
  3. people need to be intuitive to be succesfull in trading, discretionary or technical...u cannot cultivate intuition, it is a quality born with in your is either present or not, just like magus.
  4. 1. Anyone can be taught to trade, whether this person is self aware enough to actually internalize these teachings are another thing. Interview to weed out the fearful, cocky, self-concious, and those with preconceived notions of how markets work.

    2. Once again it goes back to self awareness, if you can't internalize the teachings and apply them then there is no hope.
    I figure they were all given the basis of a an edge, but as time went on, it started to show those who understood how the edge really worked, and could adapt and make adjustments when needed. Whereas the others just followed the system until its eventual collapse of the edge.

    It all comes down to the difference between information and knowledge. Figure that out and you will have a good idea why the turtle outcome was what it was.

  5. Nature vs Nurture? Hmmmm.... I think great traders are made, not born. If you do the work, create a plan, evaluate your results and keep changing your approach, you can be come successful, very successful.
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    most of the turtles that failed didn't follow the system, for one reason or another
  7. u need to have a particular skill-set to do that...and how can u chose the right trades at the right time if u don't have good inituition?
  8. Anyone can be taught to trade, will they all succeed ? No it comes easier to those with natural talent and certain inert characteristics. . Just like anyone can be taught to hit a baseball, but not everyone will be able to hit 700 home runs in the bigs.
  9. Skill set? Yes, like I said traders are made not born. But you don't need to be a haaaavard graduate, or a yale stooge to be successful. You need to learn how to research and evalute strategies, you need to learn how to execute, you need to have a solid plan, and I think that you need a mentor, a coach to keep you on track.
  10. Although I've heard many stories where someone has picked up Joe Schmoe off the street and plopped him in front of a desk to trade, (and he made money) I believe the following are important inherent characteristics (although some would argue that these can all be taught):




    Keen eye for observation

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