SuperGenius Jimmy Rogers on the NEW bailout.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by W4rl0ck, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Reminder: Jim Rogers is smarter than YUO. :D

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    I love this guy. He just tells it like it is.
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    Thanks for posting.

    Jimmy Rogers is spot on.
  4. Thanks for that. Times will be tough and the current bailouts is NOT the answer. While there will be trying times ahead, lets hope the people of this country will come together to create the REAL CHANGE for the future. I am scared but have hope that this country can become a better place when all is said and done.

    Rogers is the SHIT!!!!
  5. JIM ROGERS: "The Japanese tried it in the 1990s, it lead to 18 years of disaster for the japanese..."

    The word he should have used is deflation. But of course, this would come into conflict with his theory on commodities. This is FOX news people. Don't believe everything you see/hear on TV.
  6. Awesome post. He is one of my heros
  7. If they do as Rogers suggests, and the entire financial system fails, and you are ripped into pieces by rioting mobs of looters, will jimmy save you?

    Hell no, he'll be in China drinking Ginseng Tea.

    Did he get his people out of commodes before they got a 70% haircut?

    Sure our leaders are assholes, but Im not sure Rogers solutions are any better.
  8. The ETF HAP tracks the price and yield performance of the Rogers-Van Eck Hard Assets Producers Index.
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