SuperGenius Jimmy Rogers - Bigger, Longer, Uncut!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by W4rl0ck, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Jim Rogers is still smarter than YUO and the chick seems smarter than the usual CNBS dullard. Enjoy. :D

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  2. After listening to that I broke out in tears. Not really but I wanted to.:(
  3. W4rl0ck


    I'm not holding my breath for any banker perp walks.

  4. eagle


    He mentioned Bernanke & Paulson were dad wrong. The good news is that he didn't mention stock_trader was dad wrong. :D
  5. He states the obvious

    Where was he when they were saying every imbecile has the right to own a home, and rake up huge credit card debt?

    He's a day late and 10 trillion short.
  6. eagle


    Mistake had been made in 1929 for not saving anybody. Japan made another mistake doing the opposite for trying to save everybody. Why not doing something in the middle as J.P. Morgan did in 1907 panic. Save some and let die some. It will be extremely difficult under the complexity of the problem to determine which ones who will be likely to get back on track and which ones who will not, whom have to die.
  7. start by letting all the deadbeat homeowners float out to sea

    way too little blame heaped on all the 'good' folk reneging on legal debt.

    all the talk about 'houses worth less than mortgage' is pure bullshit. That is IRRELEVANT.

    The lowlife owe the money, make the lowlife pay or walk the plank.

    Rogers afraid to say that since he palms himself off as a man of the people.

    IRRELEVANT photo
  8. I'm just glad 'Bigger, Longer, Uncut' meant something else.
  9. 377OHMS


    Gotta agree.

    We need to reinstate debtors prison aka "the work house". You default on unsecured debt and you go on the road gang.

    I also think the country would improve if only land-owners could vote. You would have to own, say, 8,000 sq-ft of land to qualify to vote.
  10. The funny part is that you think those were "mistakes"

    By the way, J.P. Morgan was responsible for that panic. Although he was acting on orders, the real agenda was executed in 1913.
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