Superfund's Christian Baha consults Michael Covel?!

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  1. I read this earlier and could not believe my eyes----

    Qaudriga' CEO, Cristian Baha consults "trend folowing" author Michael Covil. What kind of joke is this? why would a famed found manager cousult with a journalist on trading?

    IS it possible that this is signaling the end of SUPERFUND?? BAHA has either lost his mind or his way......

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    Is literacy not your strong point? He did not CONSULT with Baha, he spoke at a dinner. Oh and btw, Gerhard Schroeder wasn't consulting Baha either on trend trading. He was just a speaker.

  3. I guess reading is not your strong point. Notice the QUEStION MARK in the title of the post.

    my point still stands, why did baha have covel speak to his people? covel is not a trader nor an authority of any kind-- baha could have the best and brightest speak at his gatherings yet he chooses a discredited hypemeister. truly, the end is near for bahahahahahahaha.

    you must be an investor with baha. PULL YOUR FUNDS NOW !

  4. Maverick74


    I won't berate your IQ any further, not to worry. This dinner's purpose is not meant to be a conference of some sort. Think of it as a marketing dinner. Christian is not going to have a dinner and talk about trading or his techniques, he wants to market his fund. Why do you think he had William Jefferson Clinton speak on his behalf in Harlem, NY? It wasn't to talk about about trend following to some cracked out mother of three living on welfare in Spanish Harlem, it was to market his fund to the press.

    Everything he (Baha) does is about marketing. The move to invite Covel was smart. I'm sure everyone at that dinner he invited in some way, shape or form is going to get him some publicity that money can't buy.

    If you can't understand this, further exchanges of dialogue are moot. Go back to reading your Market Wizard books. Or perhaps "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey.
  5. Baha is one incredibly smart cat

    He knows how to market his shit.


    The market is not just about trading silly boy.
    Most of the big money made in the markets are not made from trading itself. Get a clue in life, this is not year 2000.

  6. interesting thead. as someone who is listed in the front of MC's book along with the immortals--quite humbling actually-- i also find it odd that MC was chosen to address CB's traders.

    the other names you list make sense, why choose a journalist who writes trading books? next thing you know, will be invited to speak. LOL !

    could this be some type of pilot fish???

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    Quadriga doesn't have any traders. It's a two man shop plus sales and marketing staff. If this doesn't explain anything to anybody, then I suggest those that frequent this board to pick up a marketing degree at NYU.

  8. the photos i have seen of their operation indicate that they have many traders. maybe those are actors, or marketing people looking at monitors-- i really dont know. by the way, they have an ad in todays Ny times hiring.....


    PS-- how has their performance been over the last year or so??
  9. Maverick74


    Surf, they have no traders. All their trades are automated. They use about 10 different brokerage houses to execute their trades for pit traded contracts. I would venture a guess that 95% of their employees are sales people. Any ads they put out in the NY times for their NY office is for sales.

    Surf, if you ever want to ascend to the top of the marketing game, watch what these guys do closely. They are about as good as it gets.

  10. ok, thanks. i agree-- their marketing program is strong! last year's performance was not.....

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