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  1. mostly overconfident hype targeted to amateurs.
  2. I'm thinking maybe this guy bought Lex Luthor's old underground lair from the original Superman movie.

    It's all about real estate.
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    I am sure he has a real dungeon in his Castle in Monaco with a stable of toys!
  4. I wonder what exactly they're doing to keep their automated strategy viable. I mean, they make billions a year. I'd imagine therefore that they employ an army of genius physicists, programmers and statisticians to constantly work on keeping their strategy alive. But who knows, maybe not?
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    It's just Christian Baja and his partner Christian Halper that developed and now lease "TradeCenter to Superfund Capital Management. He has a few hundred salesman marketing the funds to little Austrian Grandmothers.

    Another article bashing Baha/superfund - but with good analysis.

    Why doesn't Baha just trade and pass through EXACT brokerage costs to the fund an dbring the fund fees closer to the average.

    His lawyers need to provide him better counsel (maybe they are and he doesn't listen), because in the overly litigious US culture he is preparing himself for serious problems if he suffers hevay losses/drawdown.
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    "Such brokerage commissions are estimated to be approximately 3.75% for Series A and 5.63% for Series B…"

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