Superforex - scam loyalty program

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Recently I have encountered with the Superforex broker :wtf:. On its website they offer bonuses for the loyaty program: - Superforex Trading points!

    For each trade order the corresponding amount of points is credited to members’ accounts, based on the following
    1 point = 1 lot = 0.01$

    In fact, after some time I asked Supeforex support about it, and its managers started to slice and didn't hurry to make a payment.
    screenshot 2:

    If superforex isn't supposed to charge its own virtual bonuses, any further activity can be considered as risky then.
    Beware scammers :caution:
  2. Winjak


    it sounds bad. hope you haven't made a large deposit there already :(
    stay away from brokers like these