superfoods for trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by SarahG, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. SarahG


    Anybody eat any special superfoods for a good trading day? Or do you guys just roll out of bed and drink a cup of coffee with sugar? LOL.

    Do you trade better on an empty stomach? Or a hot pancake breakfast?
  2. my g/f makes homemaid raisin, apple, banana (you name it) muffins that are thick and moist........with dr. pepper on ice.....i`m good to go:)
  3. superfoods for trading?

    Lots of humble pie - keeps the vision clear and protects against swelled head.:)

    P.S. Staying away from refined sugars and processed foods also works great in keeping yourself even-tempered during the trading day.
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    i used to like dr pepper for a very long time but you should switch to pepsi its a more fresh taste. i find dr pepper to be syrupy now after switching to pepsi.
    instead of fast food try a ripe avocado take a knife cute around core cut out a few pieces.soooooooo goooooood
    plant fat #1
  5. I roll out place my trades, check my things

    and go out and get myself chicken almond sandwich

    it ain't bad, but first 1 hr, no food, too busy
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    Lets hear from a redneck.........Mountain Dew and biscuits and gravy, laced with some grits .... (just kidding, do not get flustered)

    Coffee, glass of orange or grapefruit juice (maybe a grapefruit in season). cereal and 1/2 % milk with 2 scoops of wheat germ and a sliced banana. Maybe 2 slices of toast, dry.

    Then even if you are not eating bacon these days you are ready to make some....:D :cool:
  7. There's only one thing you need...

  8. Coffee in the morning, Beer at night.
  9. Chipotle about 1 mile from me (quick run during the slow lunch period some days)....I get the three taco's with chicken, rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pico, and a dash of guacamole.....HOOOUUUUAAAAAHHHH! :D
  10. erToo


    I fast during trading hours to keep hungry.

    Of course this is easier when you trade on west coast hours.
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