Superfocus glasses

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Brass, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Maybe you should get a pair, and then read a real economics book. :D
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    Can you go to one of the dispensing practitioners listed on their website? Try on a pair and let us know if you like them. I don't have any experience with them, but they do look like an interesting concept.
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    I had replacement lens put in my eyes. They are fixed focus at long distances.. but ye godz and little fishes, I have to change my glasses for close up work between about six pairs I have and it's driving me nuts.. I'll get some of those newfangled thingies...
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    I've forgotten more about economics than you'll ever know. Now go ahead, and use that remark against me because you don't understand the context. Won't be the first time.

    Now please step aside, as this thread does not concern you.
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    If I'm not mistaken, you actually need a prescription for the outer lens for distance. However, the inner lens can be adjusted for all else. In any event, I live in Montreal, and the closest dispenser is in Toronto, about 350 miles away. Perhaps on my next visit there. Meanwhile, they have more dispensing practioners in the US, so you first. :D
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    Well at least this much is true. I'll be 51 in less than two weeks and I still don't need reading glasses/bifocals.

    Carry on old timer, hey maybe you could start a thread about canes and walkers next. LOL
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    Why would you? When was the last time you read anything longer than a P&R post? :p

    As it happens, I presently only need glasses for distance. However, I have noticed that the very smallest print on vitamin bottles and such is getting a tad smaller and fuzzier. Either that or my arms are getting shorter. Only bottles, though, for some reason. Not boxes. Go figure.
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    I'm reading/studying a 450 page manual on a aircraft I'll be type rated in next month right now.

    That sure is a lot of useless gibberish when you could have merely admitted that yes you need reading glasses.
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    Speaking of gibberish, did you get a headless chicken to compose this sentence for you?
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