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    let me be the first to congratulate you on the birth of your new thread!!!

    :) RS7
  3. I am curious. I have put together the charts for watching and understanding your system/methods. How regularly do you trade with this system? Is it a method that requires a certain volatility level in the market? :)
  4. Dearest Brother Super Ego,

    It is with deep love and concern that I am writing this... is it not true, Brother, that traders should go about their work with no Ego... your name perturbs me, since it implies that an inflated ego is required to reach the heights of trading excellence that you have undoubtedly reached... with the love of a Brother....

    One for all and all for one...

    Fraternally yours,
  5. guys, please don't start junking up this thread with your delusional rantings, let's give ego a chance to get up to speed. :-/
  6. faster you back some dubious dudes, i'll leave it at that.

    i request an additional poll option: "who cares"
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    "mundus vult decipi"
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    DarkHorse, yeah ... some people just don't care ... including ones who keep reading SE's posts ... but at the end of the day, they just don't care ...

    I also think that "I don't know. I have seen many pikers like this guy come and go." ...... is the polite way of saying "Man! This pachuko is crazy! He done come here and nearly start a riot. Forget this guy."

    And I can't hide my suspiciousness at how "HeLL Yeah!" received 7 votes to jump from 2 to 9 in a period of 5-10 minutes when the whole of ET was mostly dead ...

    But, yet again, who cares, I'm still waiting to see whether at the end all those hours of FREE reading were worth the time ...

    Good Trading !
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    So why do you care so much about this guy?

    I thought you were always making the bucks every single day. Your other thread had winning days every day I believe. You usually had no losers. Most of the time your thread read something like this

    I also noticed anytime a stock pick site pops up, you are usually first in line to inquire about it.

    So again, I ask why are you all so interested in these guys and those type of sites if you are making all those bucks every single day with hardly any losers?

  10. I will recap everything so no one has to go back to the other thread. You can start from this post. I will try to keep everything very simple and don't try to read to hard into it. <b><i>Please refer to the QQQ's for the following</i></b>


    <center>Daily Chart</center>

    This is the charts that is going to help you identify your long immediate trend. On this charts you should have a 5 period moving average (5MA), a 20MA, and a 40MA (later we will set up a 222MA and learn how to offset these averages).

    <b>While in a trend</b> you are concerned with the 5 period moving average (5MA). As the qqq's are declining, with the trend, the 5MA will be above all the candlestick highs and serve as a ceiling and prevent the qqq's from going higher.

    If the qqq's are in a downtrend your chart will look like this:
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