SuperEgo uncovered!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Jul 11, 2002.

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  1. rs7


    OK... The TIME HAS COME!!!!!
    Are all SuperEgo's groupies here?
    Are you here yourself SuperEgo under one or all of your aliases?
    If I do not get a response from SE, I will assume (and not believe) that he is not here, and doesn't care!
  2. rs7


    To appreciate what I have to expose here, I highly recommend that anyone really interested in the truth about super_ego check our Tripaks' "superego gems" thread before I disclose the truth about this guy....I suggest this just so my "revelation" will be in context!

  3. the suspense is killing me ... (yawn)
  4. secco


    rs7 dude! lay off the crack! you got some serious serious problems..........get some help!!!

    oh and your trading advice sucks also
  5. SuperEgo is TradeRX...
  6. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    :eek: (be still my heart....)
  7. ron2368


    Gee could you wait an hour, I have to go comb my hair.
  8. rs7


    " In fact, I read all those long and boring comments that you write because they are interesting."

    This was one of super_ego's brilliant observations that he directed to me....just so you can see how much thought he put into his comments.

    To me, this was a "gem" bad it didn't make it to Tripaks collection. But I thought it was worth quoting because it is so idiotic!

    But this was just a little personal thing for me that I wanted to get out of my system.

    It was YOU ALL that he was really insulting.


    Is that what this is all about? Telling who you think super_ego is?
  10. rs7


    That is the great thing about can always ignore it!

    Now Secco, I must ask you; did you think that super_ego's advice was worth taking?
    #10     Jul 11, 2002
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