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Discussion in 'Trading' started by TonyOz, Jul 9, 2002.

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  1. TonyOz



    Without getting into the details, I was referred to your threads. I am sorry you feel that I didn't add anything of value to your knowledge. You, on the contrary, have added to my knowledge in a very short time, and I am fascinated by your trading system.

    It seems that we share a similar passion to educate people as to trading the markets. Consequently, I would like to propose that both of us will use the EliteTrader ChatRoom and teach our methods in Real-Time.

    I can do this any day during the week of August 19. What we can do is make calls in realtime be it swing or daytrades with entry price, target price and stop loss.

    This should give you enough time to educate the readers on these boards about your system, before you implement it in realtime.

    If you like this idea, and that week works for you, then let's set a date and tell Baron to notify everyone of the chatroom event.

    If you do not like this idea, but ET Readers would like me to hold a one-day live chat education, I will do it on my own.

    See you all in August,

    Tony Oz

    PS: If that week doesn't work, then September is looking very open for me right now.
  2. Dis is gettin good.
  3. Babak


    Giddy up! :D
  4. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    1,2 Tony's comin for you! :eek:
  5. tom_p


    ... or Wizard of Oz vs. Wizard of Id
  6. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    hahaah very clever Tom :D
  7. maybe who can swing the biggest nuts..uh..blocks?..

  8. Well, I see that my 1 little no vote stands

    Nothing personal but I find it difficult to stay connected to the market when being connected to a chatroom. But who care's right :D Have fun !!!
  9. I gladly accept this challenge (and it is a challenge) and I would like to do this in September, with your gracious acceptance, of course.

    Since the readers of my thread have not 'cut through the meat and bones' of what I have to offer them, yet. This will give me, at the least, ample time to go over more techniques in greater detail with them.

    I am sure that you understand the nature of the time that I require with my fellow ETizens, since I do not give seminars and these boards are slow in allowing me to provide information on a real-time basis.

    Are you sure that you can handle me in a live chatroom?

    So, with that said. Let get readyyyyy to rummmmmmmmble!!!!!

    <b>p.s. maybe you would also like to keep things interesting by producing and posting your last 100 trades documented by your clearing firm. I am sure that traders would love to see the success of the methods that you preach. After all, you do use your own methods somewhat, right?
    I am game if you are.<b/>
  10. TonyOz


    And I thought you were an advocate of Free Education. Didn't you quiet the skeptics down and ask to give SE a break and a chance to educate you.

    I don't want to prove anything. I just want to see how his system works in realtime. Just like everyone else on this board, I'd like to learn things that work.

    So I am encouraging a Free educational chatroom session, and you are giving me shit for it. You, of all people, should be 100% behind it!

    Maybe a better choice of words would have been, "Tony Oz, why are you going to give up a full trading day to show us all what you do in realtime?"

    I don't like a double standard. If you support free education, then be consistent about it.

    Although I swear by my trading system, I will never say that my way of trading is the best or only way to trade. And I am always willing to learn new things! Isn't this why we come here?

    Last post in this regard, I will see you in August,


    Tony Oz
    #10     Jul 9, 2002
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