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    To date he is probably the most bullish at 20%.

    Cramer is looking for a 17% gain in the DOW.

    Superbull: Edward Keon, chief investment strategist at Prudential Equity Group.

    Predicting that the S&P 500 will close at 1,630 in 2007, a rise of about 15 percent, Keon is one of Wall Street's most bullish strategists. Even so, Keon says his forecast could be "a bit wimpy," and that stock indexes might rise 20 percent or more if a couple of his expectations turn out to be too conservative.

    Like Stovall, Keon believes the U.S. economy will have a soft landing, and he expects that corporate earnings growth will slow. He thinks the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates twice this year, but he says it really doesn't matter to his forecast what Fed officials do "as long as they continue to do their job . . . successfully containing inflation without killing the economy in the process."

    Much of Keon's superbullish case for equities stems from his belief that although stocks are priced roughly at the same level relative to earnings as they have been for 40 years, the so-called price-earnings multiple should be higher. His reasoning is that the costs of buying and selling stocks have fallen due to electronic trading, and taxes have been lowered on dividends and capital gains, making it possible for investors to earn higher returns on the money they put into stocks. He also thinks that by historical standards, stocks are undervalued compared with bonds and real estate, and that over time those asset values always come into equilibrium.

    Keon says average investors with extra money should invest in U.S. stocks, and he recently increased his recommended weighting for technology, which does best in a growing economy. His model portfolio consists of 90 percent stocks and 10 percent cash.

    "The American public has essentially sat out their own stock market this century, and I would like it if the average American participates," he said.
  2. Technology is America is the stock market. Technology will lead the transition to type 1 civilization status by 2200.

    Google is the number one tech company nd will take over microsoft, ebay, cisco, ebay, yahoo. Its market cap will exceed 100 trillion by 2200 whihc coincides with the type 1 transition and the development of transhumanism and the new world order.