Superbowl XLV

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  1. +Pitt +125 on money line. The under at 45 should be bet, but I will be taking only the outright, not the OU.
  2. whut?
  3. Favorite GNB GNB GNB
    Point spread -2½ -2½ -2½
    Total 45o/u 45o/u 45½o/u
    Total money line -110 -110 -110
  4. put some real $ on the line pikers
  5. Pekelo


    Steelers win by 3 pts is my guess and the fact that I live in Pittsburgh only adds 1 point bias. :)
  6. Idiot, +125 is the money line, not the wager.
  7. you call this real coin? LOL piker
  8. You are retarded. It's the convention, not the money wagered.

  9. you have a 125K bet?

    i don't believe your balls are anywhere near that large.

    your a piker.
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