Superbowl Halftime Show

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  2. This is a pasty?

    Looks more like part of some S&M gear:

  3. It is a nipple shield for her piercing that chicks sometimes wear with certain outfits.

    Then again, maybe ART doesn't date much.


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    So it DID happen. Of the six guys in the room, I was the only one that caught it.

    When Justin sang "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song," he wasn't far off.
  5. Boobies are bad (actually, just the nipples for some reason). The world is coming to an end. I am so offended. Myself and my children are ruined forever. I am going to file complaints. Shame on the entertainers for this terrible act (the baring of the female nipple).

    I'm being sarcastic in case you don't know...
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    He apologized and said it was an accident, but it looked pretty intentional to me.
  7. The facts all point to MTV knowing, and intentionally allowing this to occur, possibly with CBS knowing also.
    Whats sickening is the lack of responsibility (CBS, MTV, the preformers) all apoligizing, saying it was an accident. Playing stupid they are.

    Proof of this? Check out and read about it there... MTV makes it sound like a highlight (exposing her breast) as if it were planned.
    MTV i believe made a step for TV toward nudity, bringing their hard core networking tactics to regular tv. If you watch MTV you know about this.
    We all must admit, it makes for good viewing, and gossip (as we are now!) but it does not promote ethics. Not my ethics, or yours, but ethics that are created by the "network TV guys". (the FCC i guess?).
    Anyway, it proves that MTV is a powerful force in the shaping of young minds, the power they expressed to pull this thing off.
  8. The solution will be to go to a 7 second delay on live broadcasts such as the Superbowl. I think they began doing this after the streaking incident on the Oscars many years ago, but didn't apply the technology to sporting events.

    I don't doubt for a moment than another recording artist will try to top the titty flash of Janet Jackson, looking for further exposure.
  9. What's really sickening is how people like you think the female nipple is some terrible thing that should not be seen. Stop thinking what everyone else thinks without even questioning why they, including yourself, think it.

    Seriously, you tell me...the male nipple is ok to be seen, but the female nipple is not...because????????????
  10. Mr Shrewd,
    Your paranoia of others lack of tolerability of the female breast is very apparent. If you reread my post (you must! I plead with you, so you may correct yourself), you will see that I in no way condemned the female anatomy, re. Janet Jackson. Re read what I posted, instead of believing something that was never written.

    Again, my point. What is sickening, is how no one is admitting to it, they (CBS, MTV, Justin, Janet!) are all saying it was an accident. They are playing stupid, and it goes a long way in insulting SOME peoples intelligence. I say some, because there are many out there who will believe it was an accident. To sum up, as I did before, this is MTV way of moving closer to liberating the masses, if definition of liberating the masses is more T and A on tv. Fine. ABC showed that guys butt a few years back (sipowitz). They moved us a step closer. But at least they made the statement and say "Hey everyone, heres sipowitz's ass!".

    And theres nothing wrong with that. Except if you are network guy, making rules.
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