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  1. Senior News Editor

    Seeking Alpha, a leading online publisher of U.S. stock market and financial analysis, is expanding its news team. As a senior news editor, you will take responsibility for monitoring various sources of breaking market news and analysis. You will prioritize news and analysis by importance, summarizing key items in concise news briefs and/or blog posts linking to relevant sources.

    The ideal candidate is a quick study with a solid understanding of online media resources and the ability to write with clarity and zest. The position requires a quick mind, nimble reflexes, and the ability to remain focused while flying solo. The candidate will have a broad range of skills, including the ability to filter news from chaff, superb attention to detail, tech and internet media savvy, and a basic understanding of HTML and web-publishing. He/she will relish the opportunity to contribute to the growth of a continuously-evolving media platform.

    A competitive salary package will be commensurate with skill level and experience.

    Hours: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM ET (switch to early-morning hours required on occasion).
    Location: Candidate's home office or other suitable, secure workspace.


    * Monitor multiple online news/blog sources and select stories/issues to be covered.
    * Write concise, factually accurate summaries with relevant links.
    * Write with a nuanced 'personal voice.'
    * Code news briefs with minimal HTML, including hyperlink insertion and image upload.
    * Copy-edit own work and that of others on the fly.
    * Function within, and at times lead, a team that includes other senior and/or junior editors.


    * 3+ years of U.S. stock market-related experience and in-depth knowledge of market terminology and jargon, with a strong grounding in fundamental analysis
    * A clear understanding of the stock market's various sectors and sub-sectors, and the ability to quickly research unfamiliar topics
    * A solid writer's background, with a focus on market-related authorship
    * Bachelor's degree from an accredited college preferred

    To Apply

    Please copy the following six questions into the body of an email and give short answers:

    1. What is your current or most recent job?
    2. Describe your stock market/financial background.
    3. What is your background as a writer/editor?
    4. How much experience do you have with using online media resources?
    5. Describe any experience you've had with online publishing and/or internet work.
    6. Do you prefer to work at home or in an office? Why?
    7. In a few sentences, describe why you're interested in this position with Seeking Alpha.

    Attach your resume to the email, and send it to ellen (at) seekingalpha (dot) com. Feel free to attach a brief sample of your writing.