Superb Forex Trading Returns

Discussion in 'Forex' started by scalpmaster, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Actually, yes. A "complicated" neural network, developed and optimized in C++ (rather than MQL4), combining "three independent subsystems" and utilizing sets of moving averages, of all things.

    Here's an interview with the EA developer, dated Nov. 20:

    Cand. Sc. &asymp Ph.D., almost exact equivalence.

    "Superb" almost seems like an understatement, after 271 trades and counting...
  2. Wonder if the EA is turned off during economic news release?

    Otherwise, how does the EA based on Moving Averages deal with spikes all over the place?
  3. Is anyone just following his trades telecast 'live' with
    real money and making close to his record?

    It's good biz for brokers to organise these tournaments-
    get to vet through these algorithms, traders depositing funds, and most importantly luring fund management companies to approach organiser secretly to 'pay' for part of the CONcept.
  4. 10K -> 100K in 1 month

    100K -> 1mil in ~3th month

    1mil -> 10mil in ~6th month

    10mil -> 100mil in ~9th month

    100 mil -> 1bil in ~>1 year!

    Why bother joining a tournament?

    How would you distribute your funds along a year to various MT4 brokers?
  5. Hi Scalpmaster

    I have figured out how he has done it.

    It is 3 sub systems combined plus a neural network based on probabilities