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    07-10-02 08:34 AM
    Super_Ego On Censorship
    A word to ET Members:

    It appears that I have pissed off all the wrong people. Elite Trader has taken down the thread "SuperEgo takes over ET" because Tony Oz complained to Baron.

    I thought, when I came here, that I was free to post MY OPINION. Apparently, this is affecting business (I don't know if Tony Oz is getting paid to be on ET) and they have deleted OUR thread. Your thread!

    You all read the threads. I NEVER attacked anyone here on a personal level. Never! I was just having fun and entertaining people. I called Babak a "pussy". So what. Well you know what? That happens to be Tony Oz's little brother, that's what! It appears that ET is kissing Tony's REAR, and not the other way around.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be going over to Yahoo! Message boards. You can email me at and I will let you know where this is going to take place.

    I will not be apart of a website that promotes censorship. Good Bye ET. I hope your members can see what kind of F'ing wimps you are! Without the ETizens this place would be nothing but another newsgroup.




    :confused: present location??