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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by super_ego, Jul 10, 2002.

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  1. A word to ET Members:

    It appears that I have pissed off all the wrong people. Elite Trader has taken down the thread "SuperEgo takes over ET" because Tony Oz complained to Baron.

    I thought, when I came here, that I was free to post MY OPINION. Apparently, this is affecting business (I don't know if Tony Oz is getting paid to be on ET) and they have deleted OUR thread. Your thread!

    You all read the threads. I NEVER attacked anyone here on a personal level. Never! I was just having fun and entertaining people. I called Babak a "pussy". So what. Well you know what? That happens to be Tony Oz's little brother, that's what! It appears that ET is kissing Tony's REAR, and not the other way around.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be going over to Yahoo! Message boards. You can email me at and I will let you know where this is going to take place.

    I will not be apart of a website that promotes censorship. Good Bye ET. I hope your members can see what kind of F'ing wimps you are! Without the ETizens this place would be nothing but another newsgroup.


  2. Mike777


    Of course, the drawback of having a super ego is that when it gets bruised you get a super deflated ego.
  3. Bono



    Aha ... I hate to say it ... but you're not the only one who's frustrated at moderators here ... they've been killing me here ever since I registered ... enough to say that IMHO, moderators are the worst thing about ET ... other than that, everything is beautiful ....


    Don't you think, that it would be MUCH better, if we help this place improve instead of deserting it ?

    When I join a thread and I find something that I don't like, I try to express my opinion and change it. If it doesn't change, I'll go find myself a better thread, or a thread that suits me, etc ...

    I entirely agree that ET is nothing without us, THE MEMBERS ... but that gives us the UPPER hand ... sorry moderators ... but SE, I suggest you TRY (at least try) to change whichever you don't like about moderators here ... and then when you finally think it's hopeless ... go to yahoo or whatever other host you think would give you more respect ... and I'm sure by then, you'll be taking many many members with you ... yet, I'm also sure it won't harm ET ... it's just that different people will find different places to suit them ...

    In the meantine, does any operator here, find it worthy to give super_ego any reply at all with regards to that thread. Thanks in advance !
  4. Mike777


    I agree with your post.

    I don't know the reason why the thread has been taken down but I suspect it was just seen as too much. The problem is (and I don't suggest that this is SE) but there are so many instances of people coming onto sites like this and hyping up a big following before drawing them into a pay site. One very good sign of that is people who solicit others to e-mail them. You build up a good bank of eager prospects.

    I saw it happen on the TM boards. This guy was whipping up a frenzy and causing all sorts of controvosy - I think he was daytrading S+P futs - and he was always happy to answer specific questions on e-mail. Then out of the blue everyone is getting spammed for a new S+P daytrading site at $300 pm.

    Most people are genuine and SE did declare his objective was to help people for free, with THE way to trade. However, he also displays a lot of the classic signs of a hypster.

    Meanwhile, the game goes on.:D


    The thread was not removed it was just some how set up so that it does not show up on the home page. You have to look under the chit chat forums.
  6. Bono



    Could be true, but I still think there's a better way of moving threads here. From the top of my head, I'd suggest a moderator leaves the thread where it is for at least 24 hours, turns it to read-only and posts a last message notifying all members that the thread is about to be removed to a new location. Is that difficult ?

    Hey moderators ! Do you need a Moderator Manager ? :)
    I volunteer !
  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I moved the thread and other Super_Ego threads to the chit chat forum because they got so far off topic (or started out off topic) that they no longer belonged in the Trading forum.

    Super_Ego, if you want to carry on with your mission of providing education and training at no cost, then please continue to do that instead of letting your threads deteriorate to name calling, mud slinging, competitions that don't pan out, and other forms of bs.

    Oh, and one more thing. If you're going to post, then learn to post in the right forum because this thread is going to be moved as well since it has nothing to with trading. If you have a comment about the way the site is ran, then the thread needs to be posted in the Feedback forum. Thanks.
  8. hughmac


    Rather unfair to some extent, i dont see how SE could prevent other members spamming the thread with nonsense without the help of a moderator to keep the thread on track.

    There were many traders who were interested in following the details as published by SE but were hacked of by the "off thread" nonsense.

    I accept that SE brought some of it on himself but overall the thread was interesting and useful.


  9. nkhoi


    Super_Ego had gone supernova too bad I like his chart a lot :(
  10. As moderator of the trading forum, I have to say that a large part of my time is spent having to clean up all the mud slinging, off topic rants and other garbage that many people have become so adept at, and it's hard to keep up. I think I'll scream if I see any more posts talking about who such and such's screen name really is or that TraderX=TraderQ or whatever.

    Super Ego, I sincerely hope you'll consider staying on the ET boards, as when you are actually posting your trading related tutorials and information, they are interesting if nothing else. But there is no further need to continue to attack other "gurus", etc. Just post your information, and if you ignore all the other mudslinging directed to you, I assure you it will be deleted promptly so all that remains is the substance.

    I should also point out to any members who find it so easy to be critical of us moderators that we do what we do here for free (in my case for almost three years) because as traders we want to see these boards be the best trading related boards on the net, not because we're trying to shut anyone down from expressing substantive opinions or information. There is no conspiracy to silence anyone critical of ET's "sponsors", there is no conspiracy at all. But sometimes we have to crack down on posts that have no substance other than attacks on someone else, innuendo, goofing off, et al. There is a difference between criticism or honest skepticism (good) and mud slinging (bad). It is disrepsectful to all the members who are actually here to learn, and if you want to sling mud or goof off, use the Chit Chat forum, not the Trading forum.
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