super_ego is back...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. as "egotraitor."

    you'll see...

    p.s. this thread will probably get closed like pussy's "vote yes or no" thread did, but honestly, i don't see why. if this is under chit chat, it should be allowed to be discussed (even if it's something Babak doesn't think is worthwhile).

    lol what a bad reason! it was under chit chat. one man's trash is another man's treasure. if my mother was "chit chatting" with my aunt about something i thought wasn't interesting, i wouldn't say, "this is a total waste, you can't discuss this!" lol gimme a break..

    Baron, you should give Babak a moderator "spanking" for this. hehe jk

    Babak, not tryin to throw stones, but i disagree with you on this one point. it's a matter of principal.

    bottom line, if chit chat is allowed, the "marketplace" should determine what is a "waste." if people aren't interested in something, it will get no replies and fade into history.
  2. Babak


    GG, I understand where you are coming from. The reason why there are moderators is that "the marketplace" needs some superintendents to mop up the crap and keep noise to a minimum so that a signal has a chance to go through.

    I did not close the thread you mentioned until it had gone on for more than 10 pages. After that many posts it was obvious that it was not accomplishing anything. Contrary to what you imply, you can't post anything under ChitChat and get away with it (just because its you know, "chit chat").

    It is my opinion. Nothing more. But as a moderator, I am asked to make those kind of decisions. As well, I would like to point out the poll conducted in the trading forum.

    In the end , no worries mate. Lets concentrate on what is really important: trading (and cute girls).
  3. heh alright.. like i said before, i wasn't tryin to throw stones. just stating my opinion about something. for the record, i don't hate ya Babak..or anyone else on this web site. :)

  4. Why does it have to accomplish something? Next thing you know we will be talking about the meaningful role traders play in the economy ...
  5. that poll was rigged baback any fool can see that and you probably had a hand in it!
  6. rock the house! where is lavish?
  7. Babak


    As another moderator already mentioned, only the moderators of the trading forum (where the thread originated) can edit a poll. Somehow if the results were to have been reversed, I don't think you would be crying foul.
  8. well i still don't believe that poll:(