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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. hehe.. some people aren't going to like that i'm starting up another SE thread, but i think that's a shame.

    to baron and the moderators: yes, SE does go on posting rampages and causes a lot of're right to keep things under control.

    however, i would like someone to point out ONE ET MEMBER who revealed more to their trading system than super_ego. NAME ONE! (not trying to insult other helpful ET members - THERE ARE MANY! i just mean that SE was in the process of laying out his techniques from beginning to end. not many people are willing to do that.)

    to get an idea of what i'm talking about, i suggest anyone who's interested go back and read SE's posts before he started bickering with everyone. read his first 20 or so posts. before he went off track, he was putting out pure substance. you can disagree with his methods if you want, that's fine. but we had someone here who was willing to HONESTLY TEACH. i think it is a total shame that he never got to finish and has not come back to finish.

    SE, if you read this, you should come back...but AVOID THE NONSENSE. don't come back and post 50 blank posts all over the place that are just going to get deleted. also, don't respond to all the negative posts that will surely arise. come back, start your thread, and don't respond to the bs. i know there are other people here like me that are eager to learn.


    gordon gekko hehe :)
  2. Who's Super Ego:confused:
  3. It's one of FasterPussycat's alteregos...Gekko, you haven't worked this out yet?
  4. super_ego tried he really did try but he was run off just before he was about to spill the beans on the really good stuff. :(
  5. for a while i thought SE was FPC, but lately i'm not so sure. i could be wrong.. anyway, whoever he is should come i said in my original post.
  6. i got your pm's gordon but i am not sure as to what you are asking.

    why don't you ask away right here on this thread?

    i am all ears.
  7. tampa


    ...the answer to your question is...

  8. nope
  9. Concerning Super_Ego:

    I wasn't around when Super_Ego was hot to trot, but I have read some past posts from him and have come to the conclusion that:

    * He's intelligent
    * He's got a psychological condition (Histrionic Disorder)
    * He may seem to have a large ego, but he's really starved for attention. In real life he is probably quiet and misunderstood, but he compensates online with this super-ego persona.
    * The market does not care if a homeless person is long via a borrowed laptop or Donald Trump is short -- its going to do what IT wants to do when IT wants to do it -- and no amount of ego is going to push it either way.

    * He's a compulsive liar
  10. tampa


    rs7, picture this:

    Thumb on left hand placed in my left ear, remaining fingers wildly wiggling.
    Thumb on right hand placed in my right ear, remaining fingers wiggling wildly.
    Tongue extended past my lips, while making the "raspberry" sound.
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