Super-Wealthy Socialists Control the World

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  1. no one has the attention span to watch this full video but its all explained here:

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  2. dun Dun DUNNNNNNNNNNN........
  3. Communu-Capitalists is more accurate description than Socialists
  4. It can be done?! By who? By Americans? They are so brain washed by the media, that they don’t wan to know the true .Personally I know only two people who believe in the (invisible power) .If I talk to other people they will treat me like I am hipper idiot.
    Here is another excellent video.
  5. You sure that the people who control the world would be socialists?
  6. Rockefeller social engineering...One world government....I am not an American I am a citizen of the world....
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    Check out Norman Dodd's testimony - former Congressional investigator into 'unAmerican' charities.

    He lays it out pretty clear.







    Somebody embed this.
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  9. Why did this thread end up in chit chat? Probably some rothchild called up Baron ala niederhoffer? :D
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