Super Tuesday results

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  1. Mvic


    Hucka-hucka-hucka-Bee projected to win in West Virginia, no surprise there.

    If McCain doesn't have a strong showing today the markets will probably sell off overnight/tomorrow.
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  3. I hope McCain doesn't win presidency...
  4. Mvic


    Because McCain is the only GOP that has a hope in hell of beating the Dems according to the polls. If McCain doesn't get it now and get the GOP behind him he will have a tougher time after the nomination with money, if he even gets it. As far as the markets are concerned either of the Dems are bad because they will both allow the tax cuts to expire.
  5. my choice among front runners

    1) mccain
    2) Obama

    3) hilarious
  6. piezoe


    I don't buy into those old ideas that were true fifty years go.. It's the democrats who have been best for business and the economy in recent decades, though it is undeniably true that the Republicans are far and away the best in terms of supporting the offense contractors.
  7. That's because McCain is a democrap himself.
  8. RhinoGG

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    The Democrats proposal to build a U.S. to Iraq oil pipeline has me stiffer than a groom on his honeymoon.
  9. Mvic


    Its got nothing to with any old notions of dems being bad for the economy etc. but specifically to do with the Bush Tax cuts that both dem candidates have said they would let expire. Cap gains tax is part of the package.
  10. Mvic


    Must be a lot of Mormons in MA, how he won after running around the country disparaging the state and its people is pretty funny. Only in America :D
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