"Super Storm" Stories

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  1. Here in the California desert it is sunny, calm and warm.

    Anybody in the storm path want to give us local updates? At least, while you have power and internet...
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    on the extreme western edge in ohio, supposed to get lots of wind and rain, so I bought some extra vodka just in case. All set here
  3. Some rain here in New Jersey of the southern part. My brother and my boyfriend put wood on the windows. No one know what will happen. I have water in supply, and we have generator if we need that. And we have the basement to go to if wind is really bad, and we have food. Really calm right now, but for the next 3 days no one know what or where this storm is going to.
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    I just came back from the Central Park with my dogs, it's chilly but no rain so far. Gonna have some bourbon right now and contemplate the weather. Everyone I know is going to work from home tomorrow, my guys are not an exception.
  5. Sounds like some good reasons just to stay home!

    I went through a few hurricanes in South Florida in the 60's and 70's. As a kid I just thought they were fun. Lots of wind, rain and trees laying down everywhere. But none of them ever messed up our house. And we got off school!
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    10:00 am on the east coast of Canada. The wind is starting to pick up.I'm on the waterfront. Should be interesting.
  7. I have been through a tornado, and my best to those dealing with this stuff. We don't get hurricanes, here, and we aren't in tornado alley, but the destruction is pretty similiar for a tornado. Usually more confined than a hurricane, but if you get hit, it is a complete loss. Hard to describe the destruction, but takes a toll on your life for awhile. Easy to say, but take care of the family and friends, and deal with the other crap as needed after the fact. My family lost pretty much all the memorabilia, but we all survived, and our neighbors survived, but "mess" in no way describes the crap left, and hassles to deal with.
    Peace to all who are affected.
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    Wind has picked up. A couple of cruise ships have come into the harbor, for shelter, plus oil tankers.
    Mon 3:00pm
  9. Very windy here now, and much rain. We have electric, no problem. Is so boring to stay in the house all day so we play dice, and cards, and cook. It will be very bad later tonight. Then we will all go to the basement because of the trees falling maybe on the house.
  10. Hurricane Sandy just blew a laptop into the ocean. Now a dell is rolling in da deep.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lUjWJSnGVB0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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