Super-sized consumption no more?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Gringinho, Sep 22, 2008.

Will US consumption super-sizing continue?

  1. No, I will be buying some bourbon for Christmas evening...

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  2. Yes, I'm taking the mistress to St. Barths for a beach party... (I personally prefer Orient Beach,

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  3. It's a real problem emerging. The plastic surgeons were the first ones to "try" to smile after those

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  4. I never got my bonus for summer, and now my Christmas bonus is sorta a lean hogs futures contract...

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  1. Will there be a continuation of the flow of investments into the US by foreigners, as before, giving US consumers a free card for the largest consumption per person in the world?

    No doubt the US consumer will always play an important role ... but, come on - the rest of the world is saying a pretty big NO.

    What will these mean for US consumers?
    Will Houston start becoming "lighter"?
    Is "lean and mean" the new ideal again?

    I personally can't see how US consumption - created by castles-in-the-sky can continue as it has. This has been a bucket of ice-cold water in the face of sleeping populations around the world investing in the US. Not saying that investment is stopping - but investing in the increased consumption of the US population... I just don't think anyone are ready for that right now.

    I guess that could mean a little higher prices, less wages etc.
    Those slick new sneakers for little Timmy under the Christmas tree? Not happening IMO...
  2. If you are a financial lawyer the next 10 years will be a gold mine...
    There will be so many entrenched law-suits for more than a decade to come - the lawyers always gain on the shit in US corruption.