Super Rare, Ultra intelligent TOS MONKEY bids start @ $500.00

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by marketsurfer, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. FOR SALE:

    Ultra rare, collectable and frankly super intelligent Think or Swim Monkey.

    Some say the monkey possesses magical powers, here is your chance to acquire this extremely rare and highly sought after magic monkey.



    i am feeling generous, therefore, im providing the et community a shot at the monkey prior to it going on ebay in the very near future.

    starting bid is only $500.00

  2. Geez, Surfy, if you need a couple bucks just say so. We can pass the hat around until that paycheck from Vic clears!

  3. bidding starts at $500.00.

  4. Why are you always selling used junk on ET?

    If you want to get rid of some crap around your house, you should start with those tacky watches from the 80's that you posted here last month.

  5. the monkey is not used, nor abused. he is in well fed and cared for condition. i dare you to look monkey in the eye and say that to his face!! bidding starts at $500.00


    ps. forgot to mention--- monkey has special velcro gloves. he can hang anywhere.
  6. buylo


    I'll give you $5.00.
  7. no, sorry, bidding starts at $500.00


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  8. Uhhh, the monkey is free if you open an account with ToS.....

    Are you feeling alright Surf?
  9. Lucrum


    #10     Feb 24, 2008