Super puper hyper stag flation

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  1. empee


    wtf, $500 BILLION?? and thats in EUROS
  2. Must be so they could pay Giselle.
  3. Among the weirdnesses of the ECB is that the rate-setting side is kept strictly separate from the money market operations side.
    Someone needs to clue these guys in to the idea that the rate of interest is the domestic price of money, so keeping the two separate makes no sense.
  4. And this clueless story is why you should continue to be long gold, regardless of where the dollar goes against the euro:

    Gold Rises on Speculation Fed Will Cut Rates, Weaken Dollar

    Headline says it all. ECB pumps massive sums of money into its money markets, and still the only reason they can find for why gold rose is the prospect of dollar weakness.
    Pathetic that people actually get paid to be this dumb in public.
    A gold bull market, one more time, is an expression of a loss of faith in paper, not just in the dollar. One day, even mere journalism majors will get it.