Super Passband Filter for Sierra Charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by canuck, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. canuck



    Does anyone know if there is code available for the Super Passband Filter for Sierra Charts?

    I know the Traders site has code for other software, but as I am not an expert in Sierra I thought I would ask first before trying my hand.

  2. M.ST.


    It is nothing special at all.
    It is just MACD via different calculation.

    Hocus-pocus by giving something a different name to create something "new". Et voila you are a guru.
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  3. canuck


    I agree, there is no magic to it, but I like it for visual reference. It actually prevents me from getting into trouble ;)
  4. M.ST.


    So where are you stuck?
  5. canuck


    I just wanted to see if someone had the code for Sierra

  6. M.ST.


    MACD should be part of Sierra already.
    The rest is bands based on MACD.