super Old fart busses locked and loaded last few days.

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So what are the oldfarts voting for

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  1. To lock in the early voting. I always wondered about how that works and what the racket is. 90% of them can barely function at the extreme age, plenty obviously seem to suffer from some form of the following. They seem bus them to these "Fun" places to have them fill out absentee ballots en masse.

    #1 Pulmonary hypertension.
    #2 some level of dementia or alzheimer's
    #3 other forms of health issues.

    One or more or even all of the three.

    So what's the racket, I wonder what party are they voting for. The whole thing seems like a scam.

    Florida is loaded with em. I suspect half our liquidity is in coins and dollars these old farts have hiding inside of the walls in their homes, only to be uncovered decades later by some handyman or a new couple.
  2. Ricter


    The first part of this is smear, but the last sentence is funny, you're probably right.
  3. So you are bullish on Florida existing home resale?
  4. So who are the oldfarts voting for?

    Herbert Hoover.