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  1. I use IB and on a Mac, no less (although I could use Windows), and I wanted to automate a very simple trade just to start, something like Buy SPY MOC Sell SPY MOO (Repeat). Now is there a way to do this without doing IB's DDE API on a Windows machine or learning Java or some other language? What about third-party vendors? Thanks in advance. DC
  2. AFAIK either you need to learn a language or use something like Ninja Trader
  3. Even with a trade that simple? Wow. There is a business for someone out there.
  4. I thought I could just set a timer for 9:30 and 4:00, or a little after and a little before, and do a MOC and MOO order, for, say, 100 SPY, and somewhere hit repeat each trading day (sort of like a recurring event in a calendar). But I just don't see this in IB. Am I missing something?
  5. Or maybe do it using OTO orders?
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    Look at conditional orders.
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  7. That will only work once won't it?
  8. Yes, I had the same question. Btw, I asked IB on its support system a couple of days ago and haven't heard anything from them.
  9. I find the chat is more responsive.
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    Everything is simple until you start doing it. What happens when you bring up your workstation past 9:30? What should happen if the market closes early for the holidays? You are dealing with real money and it takes seconds to do serious damage or possibly wipe out the account. You bet there is a business to do it right.
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