Super Money Grid w/D'Alembert Progression and Unbalance Control GBP/USD

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  1. Ok here we go again...

    This is a continuation with some different settings from this thread:

    This EA illustrates a grid without any indicators and a mindless progression of trades throughout a range, with the added risk of progression (D' Alembert martingale).

    The nature of the "Super Money Grid" is to keep trading the back and forth movements and to realize profit during the carry. This profit from the movement should exceed the cost of carry and allowing for the entire historical range should net you 35-70% yield per year with a reasonable risk. Now let me warn you...If you do not like to carry a negative UPL then this is not for you. It will take about 30 calendar days just to get a positive NAV also. So this is a long term investment into an ATM machine in your living room.

    Another unforseen risk with this EA is if the EURO collapes..or your dealer takes off with your capital, let alone that this EA uses a martingale approach.

    Start capital of four thousand USD per dealer with 1:500 leverage could net you a nice income, considering this is a set & forget type of investment. Load it on a m15 chart of Cable.

    The settings to this EA will follow in the next post. They are based upon 10 cent a pip trade sizes with a martingale based on the more conservative D'Alembert method (if there is such a thing as a conservative martingale HeHe) and a grid size of 60 and a TP of 65. Oops D'Alembert.pdf

    There is a setting for unbalance control which is set to true for those times when the grid get lopsided.
    If the market has a long trend and you are using a progression you would have many "big" opened orders against the trend and only 1 "min_lots" order with the trend. If you enable unbalance control the ea will increase volume of orders following the trend.

    There is a profit lock function in this EA which acts as a trailing stop for the group of orders breaching the grid boundry and ready for exit. The profit lock tries to maximize the TP.

  2. Here is the setfile (I am utilizing all of the features in this EA and trying to get the most out of what it has to give☺):

    GBP/USD M15 (no indicators) Use 1:500 and 4K
  3. The largest range I could find looking back from 1990 measures 7658 PIP's. (the entire chart is not showing in this post...but take my word for it).

  4. Many people ask me where I found this EA?...I found this EA in the public Domain free to all.

    It goes long and short at the same time to start then according to how the price moves it adds to the direction of the trade with more trades. It will fade the direction each 60 PIP's to draw the average trade price in closer (the grid boundries are the orangered and the blue lines).

    This is a screenshot of the EA on it's chart (GBP/USD M15).
  5. You will need a 1:500 dealer with 0.01 lotsizes that equate to 10 cents a PIP. Also it would be very good if the dealer treats a long and a short as one trade in margin (yes those dealers exist in far away places).

    I reside in the USA so I am unable to trade this EA, thanks to some politicians that do not even know what Forex is.

    Good Trading to you global traders and I hope you take away something from this thread.

  6. Ok now it is time for me to post some due-diligence.


    Read it again...gamblers!

    Watch this thread and wait for the blood....

  7. AUDNZD has < 4000 pip range if you want a smaller grid. Any idea why the EA doesn't show up in the expert advisors folder after the terminal is opened? I saved it there repeatedly and opened/closed the platform several times.
  8. DaveN


    Did you open the file in the Metaquotes editor and compile it? You'll need to do so before using it.
  9. LCFX

    It should work...Did you resolve the problem? Does anybody else have this problem?


    P.S. I just downloaded it into another platform to make sure that the link here in ET on the opening post of this thread was working and it appears in my experts folder without any problem here on my end.

  10. Logging out and back in as LCFX did should have accomplished a compile command. He should not have to do a manual compile as you state. There is nothing special in the handling of this posted EA that is any different from other EA's, except that you manually need to change the inputs according to the set file I posted in post #2.


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