Super long expiration leaps

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    I've read about them in the past in Schwager's market wizards. (eg 5 or 10 expiration dates) How does one get ahold of these? I've called IB and looked around but don't see them anyway. The expiries don't match the the OCC's list. Are these a special item?
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    Can you give an example?
    Apple goes out to June 2020.
    SPX goes out to Dec 2020

    Are you expecting longer?
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  3. They trade OTC. As a retail you are limited to exchange traded products
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    I guess he means having expiration for a certain expiration frequency 10 periods out. Like having AAPL weeklies for 10 successive weeks trading, or 10 successive months. The most I see for weeklies in AAPL is seven weeks, and about the same for the monthlies. Other stocks are much less. I could imagine a strategy built on getting strikes across different expiration dates (same frequency) adjusting and initiating when the next weekly comes on.
  5. No he/she wants to know where to find 5/10 year leaps
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    Ok I apologise then.
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    Go work at the company you're interested in and get employee stock options, about your only option if you're not an accredited investor.
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  8. So what if a person can be an accredited investor (imo, just a fancy term for a larger account size)? How does one get access to them otc? I'm also guessing they are not very liquid ... Has anyone here traded 5 years leaps before?
  9. You may not need to go OTC. CBOE,NASDAQ and CME offer non standard FLEX options. Visit there sites and search flex. Big minimums, but smaller than OTC. They also let you specify custom settlement like Asian. Check their sites. OTC needs a bank desk and minimums are going to many times Flex minimums.
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    The day-to-day properties of 2 year options are very similar to those of 5 year options. You're on a wild goose chase.
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