Super Hot Biotech Stock by Motley Fools. What is the stock?

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  1. i got this in my mailbox. does anybody know what stock they are talking about?

    <<The total market for these products will be between $50 and $70 BILLION a year by 2010. And yet amazingly, you can buy this company's stock right now for around $10 a share!

    In fact, this stock shows remarkable similarities to Genentech in 1989 just as it began its historic climb — rewarding early investors with over 3,250% profits!<<

    <<One of the great stock market stories of the next decade
    This stock shows remarkable similarities to Genentech. And it's already a step ahead of where Genentech was in the late 1980s!

    In other words, this could be your second chance at a Genentech-like investing home run...

    Here's the story. About a year ago, you could've gotten into this little company for less than you can now. Yet, as impressive as this stock has been recently, it hasn't even begun what I think will eventually be a meteoric rise, and today the risk is far less.

    In fact, I project that IT WILL EASILY DOUBLE FROM HERE IN JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS... then become a 10-bagger inside of a decade — and this is the best time to get in!

    What I'm about to show you proves this stock is poised to soar. And yes, it's already starting to climb — just like Genentech did by the end of the 1980s — so your timing couldn't be better....>>
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  3. oh geez... motley fool has been pumping EXEL for over a year now.

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    Well, you get what you pay for with their BS drama. They're starting to sound like those email stock spammers.
  5. small molecule phase 2 cancer drugs.... not good