SUPER EGO Tony Oz (Challenge)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hubert, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Hubert


    if you guys are willing i can set you up a
    realtime (audio) chat room
    with a real time tracker so it makes
    everthing nice and easy to follow.

    I will do this FREE and host it FREE of charge.

    also i can do this with in 1-2 days notice and all
    of the members here are welcome FREE.

    Just let me know

    Trade Well
  2. What is a real time tracker... and why are you so nice?

  3. Hubert


    tracker is just a place to put your postion so all can see what you are long or short and from what price

    way so nice ....................... would just like to see the
    SuperEgo put up he talked trash early on about alot of people plus i have nothing to lose no matter who preforms better
  4. Hubert


    I dont think it would matter what i offer to do to help

    i dont think Ego will do it and if im wrong oh well im wrong.

    from my point of view Oz is a stand up guy.
  5. Thank you for the kind offer Hubert.

    I'm intrigued by your offer, but feel I'd have a hard time participating and trading at the same time.

    My multi-tasking capabilities usually don't include trading :D
  6. Babak


    [duper_ego]I am the trading God! I will throw some crumbs of knowledge your way, if you worship me.

    [slowcat] duper, who are you? familiar, yet somehow unknowable.....I will worship you!

    [slowcat2] me too, I'm next in line for the worship

    [duper_ego]Look at this chart, see how the MA is below the candles as the trendline rises in an uptrend? That way you can make major cachingos!!

    [slowcat] Wow! I never thought of that!!

    [slowfeline] Well, that's what I'm telling you, I am a trading God!

    [duper_ego] oops! I mean...Well, that's what I'm telling you, I am a trading God!

    [skeptic] but duper, on any uptrend the MA would be below, wouldn't it?

    [duper_ego] You pathetic excuse for a human being, go and get your head out of your ass. You are not worthy to fetch my slippers. George Soros is a retard! Moderator erase his post!

    [slow cat] shut up! let him pontificate! you are messing up the thread! leave the thread!!

    [duper_ego] thank you cat, you are really intelligent and very handsome if I may say so. Now what was I saying?
  7. Hubert


    i love good show
  8. Hubert a.k.a. BabyHuey from the Underground Trader dot com. Jae Yu's outfit.

    This is Tony's deal so ask him. I'm game, but I think Tony mentioned that he wants to do it in ET chatroom.

  9. I take back that whole Intelligence comment I wrote about you earlier. You seem like a queer.

  10. Hubert


    sorry dont know who you are talking about.

    cool i will ask Oz man it would be much better
    with audio and a way to track it

    I will ask

    what date we talking ?
    #10     Jul 9, 2002