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    I am starting this forum to see if anyone can predict which team is going to win the super bowl and by how many points. Please post your reasons why you think the team will win. Your reasons could be based on mathematical calculation, or the position of the planets, or just a random guess. I believe that it is going to be as hard as trying to figure out where the market is going to be 2 months from now.

    My pick:

    Raiders by 12(just gut feeling).
  2. Jets by 2
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    Dolphins by 1 is fine with gut feeling; this is a heart thing....:D
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    rs7, I hope you are right. Being a Jet fan is like being a Cubs fan (I would guess...not a Cubs fan). At least the Cubs win a division once in a blue moon (but not LCS or Series).

    Here's something for Max to prove not to be true. I was actually at the 3rd "Superbowl" (wasn't called that then though)...the Namath "guaranteed" win. Sat near Spiro Agnew and his Secret Service entourage. Man, those were low-tech days looking back. I mean there was virtually no noticeable security. I went to a ballgame at Wrigley Field when Reagan (as president) threw out the first pitch. The game started almost two hours late due to security measures. The world had changed a whole lot in 20 years. And now, I can't even imagine what it must have been like when Dubya threw out the first pitch at last years Series so shortly after 9/11. Where have the days of innocence gone? Even then, in Jan of 69, it was little more than 5 years after the assassination of JFK, but still, security was unobtrusive

    The Game was really a thrill. I mean Namath and Earl Morrell. With Johny U. coming in trying to pull it out. I wish I had half the appreciation for the history I was witnessing as it happened that I do in retrospect. But, like in all such things, even though it was exciting, the significance of the game, and the unbelievable circumstances and cast of characters was not appreciated until after the fact (at least by me). The game was close and thrilling, but not a sellout. They had expanded the Orange Bowl in anticipation of the "big game" (new press level I think...Max will straighten me out about it if my memory fails me), but still, there were empty seats. So far removed from the pageantry and hype of the Superbowls of today. I have zero recollection of the half time show, or who sang the Star Spangled Banner.

    I do remember thinking "is it a bad idea to fire up a doob so close to the Secret Service guys?". I am sure now that it was their least concern. Hard to believe that it was really relatively such a short time ago that smoking in public places was so pervasive. Everyone smoked cigarettes and cigars at ball games. Now, it is probably harder to get away with smoking a cigarette in most public places than it was smoking pot in those days. Glad I gave up cigarettes so long ago. $3+ a pack? Almost as unbelievable as bottled water costing more than gasoline .....wish I had seen that coming. What could be a more extravagant rip off than bottled water? How can I invest in that? (Yeah, I know PEP, and KO, etc....I mean a pump and a bottling machine and set up shop in my back yard:)).

    What is absolutely amazing to me is that other than some of the newest expansion teams, the Jets are the ONLY NFL team to have never won their division since the AFL/NFL merger the season after that Namath victory. This truly defies all odds. How could the RAVENS get there before the Jets????I mean how can a team in a 5 (or so) team division in THE major market not win a single division title in 33 years? Try throwing a 6 sided die 33 times without one of the numbers coming up. Almost easier to win the lottery:confused: (Aphie, what are the true odds?) It ain't easy being a Jets fan:( Maybe this will be our year!!!! (been saying that for a loooong time!)

    J.E.T.S. Jets!!!!!!

  5. Well...since you're a Jets fan, then I can't bust your balls anymore. I apologize for the merciless ribbings I've given you over the past few months.

    Go Gang Green!!!
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    GO ARMY!
  7. Falcons by 3. Vick all the way!
  8. Funny, I would have sworn your team was the Saints!:p
  9. LOL!:D
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    Hell GA, I have my balls busted so much here I always considered you one of my main allies!!

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