Super Bowl XLIII Picks

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ET Members Pick Super Bowl XLIII

  1. Steelers

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  2. Cardinals

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  3. Steelers, but Cardinals Cover 7 Point Spread

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  1. As a Steeler season ticket holder, I have a small bias, but since our offense is slightly better than putrid, anything can happen on Sunday.

    Weigh in with your pick and we'll see who nails it.

    I'll take Pittsburgh, but expect to sweat it out and don't expect them to cover the 7 point spread.

    Steelers 24 Cardinals 20

    It will be nice to stand alone atop the NFL with 6 Lombardi trophies...
  2. Brandonf

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    I'm kinda biased towards Kurt Werner. He's from Iowa and has such an inspiring story. I hope he gets another one.
  3. That would be Kurt Werner's first and Kurt Warner's second...

  4. Go Steelers! With the pressure from Harrison and Farrior, Warner is sure to toss at least two balls directly to Palamalu.
  5. Brandonf

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    Good thing you won that spelling bee.
  6. ESPN carries the spelling bee contest, so sports must be sports no matter what the arena...


  7. goo kurt goo kurt goo kurt you da man :D

    what's weather like there :D
  8. bronks


    I'm torn a bit on this one. The Steelers have been my team since the seventh grade. Jack Lambert was my hero, I wore his number in Pop Warner and played linebacker in which I taped up my forearms just like he did. I was hoping my front teeth would get knocked out just like him, but it never happened. Steelers all the way.

    Enter Kurt Warner. Became my second favorite player of all time while with the Rams. I love what this guy stands for on and off the field. He's an absolutely amazing QB with unparalleled accuracy.

    Of course on Sunday I will be all for the Steelers... but I'll be bummed for Warner.

    This one couldn't be more simple. Pit needs to get to Warner and get to him early and often. You don't have to sack him, just disrupt his timing. Of course the big question is, can the blitz get there in time? Warner will eat you up otherwise. As good as the secondary of the Steelers are, AB and Fitz create some serious match up problems. Especially if AB is at 100%.

    For Steelers:
    1. Linebacker coverage is gonna be crucial. Warner, especially early, will wanna get the ball out quickly for momentum and confidence building. Which means short flat routes or crossing patterns underneath.
    2. Make Warner as uncomfortable as possible. Won't hurt to bang the receivers around some either.
    3. Warner, Warner, Warner.

    For Arizona:
    1. Stop Willy. Make Ben carry the brunt of his second superbowl in which he HAS to play well.
    2. Stretch the field vertically with your talent. ANY one on one with Fitz is an opportunity. Polamalu poses a different threat in the sense that if he's already locked up with Fitz, throw the ball. But if he is anywhere in the area of his closing ability (the best in the NFL), do not throw the ball.
    3. Warner, Warner, Warner... PROTECT HIM AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED.
    4. There's gonna be a lot of traffic around the pocket and it's imperative that Warner takes care of the football. He tends to get careless back there.

    First play from scrimmage for Arizona? Deep bomb to AB if he's 100%, if not then Fitz.

    First play for Pit? RB option pass. Just like the Seattle game.

    Pittsburgh for the win.
  9. Bronks, you didn't leave me anything ...touched on almost all the
    salient points. Whats left? Boldin. If Fitz occupies too much attention and if Boldin gets loose because of it, it could be a game. Boldin's been injured for awhile but as I recall he and Fitz were pretty close ...time erodes that memory but tape doesn't.
    Jump ball to Fitz and he'll come down with it. My heart says Zona but my head says Steelers. Time also has erased the perception that Bradshaw was the best signal caller ever. For Pittsburgh I'd like to see Polamalu get the MVP and for Zona I'd like to see Fitz get it. If the Steelers don't walk away with it early then it'll be entertaining. Sheer power vs offensive grace. Got my HDTV and my assorted refreshments at the ready. Call it in the air.
  10. bronks


    Hey Omega,

    I'm quite sure everyone is saying the same thing... get to Warner. Which takes me to the intangibles:

    1. Steelers past history of horrendous special teams play in big games. Santonio's return notwithstanding.

    2. Edgerrin James. Might be able to do just enough. Plus, he's a good receiver out of the backfield and more importantly, can pick up the blitz.

    3. This is not the Ravens D. Parker could have a big day. I said that two weeks ago but dammit I really mean it this time.

    4. You said: "Jump ball to Fitz and he'll come down with it." and I whole heartedly agree. Nobody in the league can match up with that guy. Gotta pop him hard to get him thinking about getting hit.

    Many more. Shouldn't be boring, that's for sure. I've got fresh oysters to grill with a tabasco-worcestershire-lemon-mayo concoction and Newcastles ready to fire at will!
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