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  1. A lot of people are complaining that the game was awful and boring. I had a different take. We saw two of the game's premier defensive coaches deliver a clinic. You could retire on the prop bet Vegas would have given you on the Pats scoring 13 points and still winning.

    The Pats somehow devised a game plan that took away not only the Rams' run game but their downfield passing game as well. A lot of teams and new coaches talk about how they plan to play aggressive defense. Under the gun, most of them wimp out and play it safe. Not the Pats. They came with an all out blitz on the crucial interception. The strength of their defense is their DBs and they trusted them to deliver.

    The Rams defense frustrated the Pats the entire game. After losing Josh Hamilton, the Pats really had no downfield receiving weapons and the Rams have two elite corners. The game basically came down to a perfectly thrown pass by the GOAT QB to possibly the GOAT tight end, the irrepressible Gronk. It seemed like a fitting way to win the game.

    I give Sean McVay a lot of credit for saying he got outcoached. Not too many coaches would admit that. He is a great coach and will learn from this.

    Todd Gurley was missing in action again. I have to believe they have understated the effect of his knee injury.

    I thought the commercials sucked. Weakest I can remember, although they seem to have declined in originality over the past few years. Lot of diversity though. I thought the best ones were the Kia ad about the small Georgia town, the Microsoft gamer ad and of course, the Stella Artois ad. The Dude still abides.
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    They jumped the shark. People who watch football do not want to hear about social justice or women's empowerment.

    This McVay and Goff really looked bad. They didnt belong there and they knew it.
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    How about that awesome halftime show? :vomit::vomit::vomit:
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  5. Honestly, I didn't watch it. Call me old fashioned but some musicians lip-synching with a bunch of fake "fans" jumping around below the stage strikes me as ridiculous. If they have to do it, just let Bruno Mars do it every year. High energy and fun without the drama.
  6. LOL, maybe, it's not like it could have turned out any worse for them. Still they were within a TD late in the fourth quarter. I just read an article arguing the exact opposite, namely that the Rams are a run-first team that uses that for play action passes. Problem was the Pats stuffed their run game.
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    the average weather for NE Super Bowl parades is a relatively pleasant, 37degrees F.

    It should be noted that the Patriots may have cheated by morphing so drastically and late in the season into a smashem' agressive, vertical defensive mindset
    rather than the bend no break givem3 red zone defense of years past.
    Special teams pinning en' inside the ten is not possible without some gained advantage.
    A run 1st , probowl fullback and GOAT blocking TE, offense may inspire rule changes to thwart this throwback style.
    I think its possible that key organizational personnel of playoff opponent staffs have been unwittingly drugged because their recognition and adaptive responses
    were literally just scratching their arses with confusion.
    The rest of the league will be playing flag football with graceful quarterbacks
    Scoring 30 a game until....well you now.
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  8. Belichick is the master of adapting and finding an edge. It seems so obvious, yet no other team seems able to do it.
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