Super Bowl, Lights Out

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  1. Can't believe no one has started a Super Bowl thread. It actually turned into a great game after a slow start.

    Rather than go through it in depth, I suggest Matt Bowen's analysis. Best I've seen.

    The lights going out scared me. These days you have to think it might be the prelude to a terrorist attack. A dome full of people in the dark, not good.

    I thought the officiating was shaky. I know there were some comments leading up to the game that the league rigged the ratings to get the crew it wanted, particularly Jerome Boger, an AA, who was the head official. Everyone here knows I am no fan of affirmative action, but I will say he is my favorite offical in the entire league. No ego, no posturing, talks funny but always has a concise and rational explanation for even the most comlicated situation. The other guys out there last night reminded me of the replacement officals though.

    They nearly lost control of the game in the first half. The league should hand out big fines for that brawl. It has no place in the SB. The ravens are a dirty cheap shot team. That late hit on Kapernick was disgraceful and probably should have gotten an ejection.

    In fairness, SF got away with an out of bounds hit on Flacco.

    Ed Reed was so offside on that 2 point try. And even Jim Nantz, Mr. No Controversy, couldn't help himself with the holding in the end zone on SF's last play. Sure it's a tough call, but that's why we have officials. The official was going to decide the game either way on that call, so he should make the right call.

    Whatever. Bottom line is if you can't get in in four tries from the five yard line, you don't deserve to win the Super Bowl. I didn't like SF's playcalling on those four downs.
  2. :D

    It's been awhile since I'd seen those commercials...that is pretty funny.
  3. I'm just curious. I feel like I owe Beyonce for a lap dance. Where do I send the money? These half time shows really suck now days.
  4. Yeah no kidding. The halftime show gets sillier and more insipid every year.
  5. Did anyone else hear 40,000 fat people moan and grunt when the announcer at the Superbowl asked everyone to "stand" for the National Anthem?