Super Bowl Commercials

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  1. Using animals and children in commercials are substitutes for lack of creativity. Too many of these.

    The commercials were idiotic. There was one commercial where a guy hooked battery cables to his breasts, this one outta be good for a few "don't try this at home" lawsuits.

    The baby puking while talking about the market in the commercial for on line broker etrade? Not interested in babies or puking during sports, we use sports to get our mind off reality.

    Tax dollar commercials. No respect for my money. These annoy me. Childhood obesity, drugs and smoking, conspiciously absent was a gamblers anonymous. Most expensive ad time. Chrissakes, we live this, it is in our face, is it necessary?
  2. Oh yea, I'm lost on whatever was being advertised with the sexy singer/ lizard / michael jackson dance routine. Personally, I would have used gerbils. Who associates nice women with lizards?

    Justin timberlake getting his nuts crushed on a mailbox. People who produce/watch these commercials are old enough to vote. This is brilliance?
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    I always set my dvr to record and then start watching an hour or so into the game so I can ff thru the commercials and the half-time show. I did catch the Will Ferrell one though, very funny.

  4. How about

    nice ad, love the beating heart ripping itself from the chest of a woman then walking off the job...really cute
  5. Dorito's Kill.

    Dorito loaded on mouse trap. Sick bastard pulls up chair, eats Dortios, waits and watches for the trap to spring and kill the mouse. Mouse Yeti breaks through wall kills hedge fund manager.
  6. I thought it was an ad for bad cholestirol does to your heart.
  7. Where are ya when we need ya Bill!
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  8. Best commercial: The Audi ad that ran early in the game. Replay of the famous severed horse head scene from the Godfather. Have to wonder how much of the audience got it though.

    I actually liked the Etrade ad, until the kid puked that is. Seemed kind of an odd comment on using ETrade.

    I thought the UnderArmour ad was,hmm, what's the word? Stupid doesn't quite get it. Over the top? The Matrix meets Gangs of NY? Probably the worst, but there were quite a few others that were terrible simply because it was so difficult to tell what they were even advertising, like the woman and lizard ad. I guess they were advertising some kind of water, but i couldn't tell you which one or why I should buy it. If you're selling a food or beverage, do you really want people to associate it with lizards?
  9. I'd say we had some ads that would be great commercials for Slasher B rated movies. They should of had the babie's head spin before he puked.


    :p what a great bitchslapping :D
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