Super Bowl 2012: Lions vs. Bills

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  1. Pekelo


    You heard it first. :)

    Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? I mean in an alternative universe...
  2. I think the bigger question is who is going to get the Luck Dragon?

    Dolphins, Chiefs?
  3. Makes the NFL great to watch - most organizations can eventually turn it around...

    And now in Cleveland we're hoping we found ours in Holmgren & Heckert.
  4. I think the Colts are in that mix too. And how ironic would be it be for Indy to get Luck, ie their next Manning, after 1 bad year. Peyton comes back, and they have time to groom their replacement for him. Business as usual in Indy besides 1 bad year.
  5. I think the Colts should make a move for Tim Tebow. Makes so much sense. Tebow sucks though. I wonder if Bill Polian thinks so.
  6. oddsman


    After the one-two punch of Collins/Painter, a move for Terry Bradshaw would be an upgrade.

    I'm not a Tebow fan, but I think he would have won the Cleveland and Steelers game. Polian needs to figure out something. The defense came to play tonight but had to watch with the rest of us as Kerry and Curtis solidified Manning's reputation as the GOAT.
  7. Why not tank the season and get Luck? Seems like a great idea -- Peyton should be back next year, one bad season and then you groom Manning's replacement.

    1 bad year is nothing, trust me.

  8. When will the Colts sign Brett Favre?
  9. I would be INCREDIBLE. I live in an area close to both Buffalo and Detroit. I'm a huge Bills fan. All kinds of both Bills fans and Lions fans near me, the party would be epic.
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    Them Lions, with a lionheart.

    For a while I thought Buffalo would make it too.....
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